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Michael Burgan

Michael Burgan



Jay is a North Carolina native that was born with an instinct to create. He possesses a unique perspective than enables him to deliver one of a kind visuals that define his authentic artistic eye. Jay was given his first camera at the age of ten and hasn’t turned it off since. Jay has made everything from full-feature films playing in movie theaters to business commercials for television. Jay attended Appalachian State University where he studied film production. He has recently worked on projects out in LA with big name actors. Jay has won several film awards and is heralded as an upcoming cinematographer and director to watch for.

Michael is a New York-based artist who specializes in weddings and content marketing for boutiques and small businesses. Michael has been shooting in and around the Charlotte area for over 10 years. Over time, Michael has made a substantial number of connections in the fashion and modeling industry while obtaining years of experience and expertise. Michael has become a leading photographer in the industry, benefiting all of his clients by photographing models to the standard that industry employers look for.

Michael and Jay met while collaborating on a project together and instantly clicked as they shared their love and enthusiasm for creativity in the fashion and modeling industry. They felt something was missing from the industry. Out of their collaboration ModelVP was born. Michael and Jay are extremely talented professionals that can bring you an amazing product that will help you stand out above your competition and most importantly increase your potential of getting hired.

Jay Turner

Jay Turner


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