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One major key to success in the realm of personal branding is discovering what makes you unique and running with it. Hair colorist Ali Boone is a master at this. This ability has gotten her highlighted in multiple publications including Elegant Magazine. She prides herself on making every last bit of her customers enjoy the process of getting styled instead of just the end result. To do this she puts a lot of effort in creating an atmosphere thats is as unique as her clients. She works in a edgy salon in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood with zombie themed decor to match the hair color product line they produce locally called Zombie Snot.

In such a creative environment many stylist would have trouble standing out but Ali doesn’t because she has established a niche brand as an expert colorist and artist instead of just labor for hire. People come from way out of town just to book her, knowing she can color cartoonishly vibrant hair without damaging the follicles. As her popularity begin to grow she ran into a unique challenge. How do you scale a businesses thats solely depended on your labor? How could you ever retire? It became very clear that she would need some strategy to monetize the brand she worked so hard to build so that in would continue to make money even after she choose to retire. This is where ModelVP came in.

Helping startups in the beauty industry thrive is our passion. Our first task was to stream line her marketing efforts so she have more time at the chair doing what she loves and less on social media. The next step was to create product that fit well with her brand that could contribute to her income. Masterfully Coloring hair is a service. Selling services your good until you reach your capacity of billable hours but products are much more scalable. So we discovered Ali had a talent for creating intricate colorful bath bombs. So we merged that side hustle and helped incorporate it into her primary brand Smoked Lace Hair.

The brilliance of bath bombs as a flagship product for her is its congruent with her brand centered around making mundane task like grooming and turning it unto an artistic expression. Also bath bomb photos are blowing up on social media. #Bathinspration is forming into its own genre of selfie. Why not ride that trend and let it take your brand viral?


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