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How did you first get involved in the fashion scene? Like most little girls I fell in love with the entertainment and looked up to beautiful women in cool clothes. I would put outfits together from as little as five years old and get my hair cut cute to match. My dad and other members of the family would take my photo and I would love every second of it. I eventually fell in love with photography myself and that led me straight to modeling.

How would you describe your personal style? A jean jacket paired with an evening gown or bikini…. with the added touch of cute boots.

What’s your dream photo shoot concept? I dream to one day be in a Maxim or Sports Illustrated magazine. I want the concept to be one that causes men to lust over me and women to want to be more like me.

Who is your favorite designer and why? Georges Marciano because his jeans are the best I have ever owned and they are cute too. I feel like a goddess if I have the right pair of jeans on.

All modesty aside, what do you feel you bring to the table as a model? I have a lot of versatility in the looks I can do. You can work with a model who is pretty and takes good pictures any day of the week. In lots of the cases I have seen the model will break down if asked to do something different. Most models are broken records who lack passion. There are models who are an exception and those are the ones that are good. If you can see passion and versatility in the art that is created by a team of professionals then you know you’ve got a good model.

If you had to give up all your projects and do just one full time what would it be? I’d prefer to be contributing to a project that would allow me to wear tight swimsuits, swim and explore new places.

What’s it like working with ModelVP? I have a feeling it is different depending on the client. (In a good way) You meet two guys who have amazing amounts of experience that have a vision in mind to help you gain business. You tell them what you want, you do what you’re good at and they do the rest. As a business myself I have trouble trusting others that aren’t me but when I was working with ModelVP it was different because I knew I was in good hands. The experience itself is fun and I would suggest any new model or fashion business to work with them. My advice for any upcoming model would be to let them educate you on YOUR business so they can teach you how to best use your new portfolio images.

What would you like to transition into after your modeling career? I honestly couldn’t tell you that now. Modeling in the present is my main focus as of now. I have a plan B but I will go with whatever comes next for me.

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